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Did you know your Facebook account can be used against you in your personal injury lawsuit?

If you currently have a injury lawsuit be careful with your posts on Facebook.
Many people who have been in an accident file claims against the person who caused the accident that hurt them.
However, what many people do not understand is that insurance companies and defense attorneys will go to great lengths to keep from paying […]

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Program to offer private-school vouchers to students from “failing” public schools

We all have a student at home or at least know one. We as a society, have come to think of Sunday as a day for family.  It is the day we spend with our children and try to catch up on their week and their activities.  That is if our weekdays are loaded with […]

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Blacks more likely to be arrested for marijuana than whites-nationwide!

" I am increasingly interested in bringing our clientele as much information as possible on issues of public event as well as issues that might impact our community. With that goal in mind, our BLOG section will continue to grow and expand. Thank you for your continued faith in our work. We are always here to help. Martin E. Regan, Jr."

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new Louisiana Law to shorten drug convictions for time in rehab

Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. shares with clients Governor Bobby Jindal signed a bill into law Thursday that will allow nonviolent drug offenders to gain early release from jail if they participate in rehabilitation programs. The sentencing reform legislation was part of the governor's package of bills during this year's session.

Orleans Parish Jail and Hurricane Preparedness – 2013

Hurricane preparedness at New Orleans Parish Prison.

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Mandatory Minimums

Juries Must Find Facts on Mandatory Minimum Sentences, Supreme Court Rules
The US Supreme Court Monday dealt a blow to mandatory minimum sentencing, ruling that any facts used to trigger a mandatory minimum sentence are “elements” of the crime and must be proven by a jury, not left to a judge. The 5-4 ruling came in […]

Seven Rules for Recording Police

7 Rules for Recording Police
Last week the City of Boston agreed to pay Simon Glik $170,000 in damages and legal fees to settle a civil rights lawsuit stemming from his 2007 felony arrest for videotaping police roughing up a suspect. Prior to the settlement, the First Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that Glik had […]

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Aggresive Enforcement of Healthcare Fraud

If you are a physician and you are notified that your practice is going to be audited” or subjected to any sort of forensic or accounting investigation, then it is time to contact a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney.
Before the audit begins, not afterward!
Federal prosecutors have started to aggressively focus on doctors who receive payment for […]

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Wage Gap Between Men and Women Still Exists

Men and Women and both working harder than ever. And yet, for the mot part women and not receiving equal compensation when performing equal work as men.

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What is Sexual Harassment in the Workplace? Know Your Rights as an Employee.

If you are the recipient of unwelcome and unwanted sexual advances or gender-based hostility where you work, act right away, report each instance to your superior, or to your employer so that your employer has the opportunity to take immediate, effective and appropriate action to correct the problem. Your employer has the legal obligation to […]

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