America’s view on inmates sentenced to the death penalty is beginning to take a turn.

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May 20, 2014
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America’s view on inmates sentenced to the death penalty is beginning to take a turn.


Modern America is starting to cringe and perhaps squirm a little at how the death pentalty executions are being carried out. Perhaps, we are too advanced as a society to cling to the notion that the death penalty either heals or punishes capital crimes. Public awareness is raising questions in the minds of many. Questions such as how these executions are being carried out and why the execution of convicted criminals is even considered an option.


Unfortunately these questions do not have easy answers.


Furthermore, a couple of recent blotched death penatlty executions in Ohio and Oklahoma have raised more questions pertaining to dosages, suppliers, etc. These topics have brought the unpleasant details of execution to the public’s attention.  Could it be, that,  most of modern Americans no longer believe that the death penalty is justifiable as a punishment for a capital offense? I don’t know the answer to that question.


I suspect that it will be hard for anyone to predict at this point what conclusions the public will reach once the conversation starts.


A recent article in today reports that the U.S. Supreme Court´s  Justice Samuel Alito issued an order suspending the planned execution of a Missouri inmate with a little more than an hour to spare before the inmate’s scheduled lethal injection. The Circuit Court of Appeals offered no explanation as to why the execution was halted. All we know is that the execution has been rescheduled for very early Wednesday morning.

The State of Missouri has a law granting the state 24 hours to carry out the execution should the inmate’s appeals be rejected by the high court.



 Let’s wait and see how the Supreme Court deals with this most recent challenge to the execution of an inmate in Missouri.


Read the NOLA. Article linked below….



I am Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. and these are my personal thoughts.

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