State v. Ambo


Charge: 2nd degree murder

Penalty: Life in Prison Without Possibility of Parole

Disposition: 10 year plea to manslaughter as a first offender


State v. Barbot


Mr. Barbot was charged with possession of methadone after rookie law enforcement officers arrested him and could not identify the pill that was in his position.  Mr. Barbot then was advised to plead guilty to a crime he never committed!  His probation was revoked and he spent nearly 8 months in jail!


After hiring Ravi Shah and Gary Wainwright to review his case, the error was discovered and through a motion to withdraw guilty plea prepared by Mr. Wainwright and argued by Mr. Shah, Mr. Barbot was released from custody!  He was then appropriately charged and was sentenced to credit for time served with the ability to expunge the arrest and conviction from his record!


State v. Marigny


Charge: Armed Robbery with a Firearm

Penalty: 15-104 years in prison

Disposition: Simple Robbery and Probation!


State v. Marigny


Charge: Distribution of Cocaine and Marijuana

Penalty: 20-60 years as a multiple offender

Disposition: After a grueling trial in which Mr. Shah pointed out the holes in the State’s case, a St. Tammany Parish jury was dead locked and unable to render a verdict.  Due to Mr. Shah’s relentless pursuit of justice, Mr. Marigny who was initially offered a deal of 15 years without benefits will now be home in less than 3 years!



State v. Moran


Charge: Unauthorized Entry of an Inhabited Dwelling

Penalty: Up to Six Years in Prison

Disposition: Case Dismissed!



State v. Willis


Charge: 2nd degree murder

Penalty: Life in Prison Without Possibility of Parole

Disposition: 12 year plea to attempted murder as a first offender


Hiring competent and aggressive legal counsel is essential for any citizen charged with committing a crime, whether guilty or innocent.  A skilled attorney can navigate the criminal justice system in order to lessen the time you may spend in jail or on probation. If you’re innocent of the crime charged, they have the ability to competently present your case to the jury in order to try and get you a not guilty verdict.  While Mr. Shah cannot guarentee a particular result in any particular case, his record in St. Tammany, Orleans, and Washington Parish proves he is an attorney capable of handling any criminal matter.