Corporate Criminals evade Imprisonment Again

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December 31, 2014
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January 7, 2015


Corporate Criminals evade Imprisonment Again



Earlier this week, Alstom S.A., a French corporate multinational power and transportation company, pleaded guilty in the District of Connecticut to a two-count information charging it with violating the accounting provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Alstom, agreed to pay over $772 million, he largest criminal fine that has ever been imposed under an FCPA.

Once again the  Department of Justice demonstrates that with a big enough “pay off” no one goes to jail for corporate crime.  But let a black or Hispanic get caught with a $1000 worth of cocaine and get the cell ready!

Alstom used  third party consultants (often referred to by codename) who were paid massive “fees” to obtain lucrative contracts for power and transportation projects for state-owned companies.
Despite the fact that Alstom’s criminal conduct “was breathtaking in its breadth, its brazenness, and its worldwide consequences,” no one will be held responsible.

Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell announcing the plea, stated that the DOJ “will not wait for companies to act responsibly.” What he should have said was: We will shake them down at every opportunity and assure them that if they pay, no one will go to jail.

We live in a country riven by duplicity and double standards. We have the largest prison population on Earth.On the one hand our government tests our urine and jails us if we “fail” it’s tests,  on the other hand people who commit crimes through corporations, are never personally held accountable for their actions.

Here at Regan Law, PLC, we will fight for justice and for individual citizens liberty.

It would be an accomplishment if we were given the chance to buy our way out-but at what price?

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