Drug Possession and Drug Offense in Louisiana

Drug charges are a serious matter in the United States.



If you are facing charges for possession, manufacturing, or drug trafficking, you need a skilled attorney to provide you with an effective defense. Talk to an experienced lawyer with expertise defending against these charges.

Martin E. Regan, Jr. has defended clients charged with drug offense in Louisiana for over [experience_years] years in Federal and State cases involving:


  •  Drug possession
  • Drug Possession with intent to sell or distribute
  • Drug sales or distribution
  •  Drug trafficking
  •  Drug manufacturing
  •  Drug smuggling or importation
  • Drug Prescription fraud

U.S. and Drug Offense in Louisiana Laws.

Drug possession laws exist at both the state and federal level and carry harsh penalties if convicted. Additionally, drug laws in Louisiana include penalties for possession of paraphernalia or accessories related to manufacturing or distribution of drugs. State and federal law state that it is a crime to possess any controlled substance or illegal prescription drugs such as:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroine
  • LSD
  • PCP
  • Hallucinogens
  • Methamphetamines

Enhanced sentencing and harsher penalties

Whenever a case involves large quantities of an illegal drug, charges may be enhanced to possession with the intent to distribute. Under these circumstances, individuals charged with intent to distribute and repeat offenders face stiffer penalties and longer jail sentences.

You may also face enhanced charges and stricter sentencing if found in possession of illegal drugs in proximity to areas such as:

  • Day care centers
  • Schools
  • Housing developments
  • Universities

Drug possession prosecution in Louisiana

However, a first time offense of simple possession of cocaine may qualify for a drug diversion program rather than a prison term. Diversion programs are not applicable for defendants facing sale or distribution charges and to qualify, generally the possession must be your first and only serious  offense.

Drug Manufacturing, Trafficking, and Distribution

Conviction of  charges in either state or federal courts carry serious penalties; including lengthy prison time. Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. and the rest of the members of his legal team have represented clients facing many serious drug charges in Louisiana and throughout the United States.

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