FBI Executing Search Warrants on “Cloud” Services

October 8, 2014
34th person murdered by US domestic drug law enforcement
October 10, 2014

FBI Executing Search Warrants on “Cloud” Services


FBI Special Agent John Cauthen published this article in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin.

As technology has evolved, so has the search for evidence.
Evidence can cut both ways-it can help or it can hurt-when your under criminal investigation.

Here at Regan Law, we do our best to not only stay current with legal developments, we do our best to be at the
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The cloud is a new legal frontier, for business, for individuals and for law enforcement.  Like the guides of the early pioneers, we are blazing the path ahead of our clients, to provide as safe a passage as possible-within the law.

If you are subjected to an inquiry regarding your personal information or cloud accounts, you must contact a lawyer knowledgeable in sophisticated, advanced, cutting edge search and seizure  law.
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