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Man Walks Free of Murder Charge!   THE WINNING DEFENSE TEAM

Two individuals were indicted by a Terrebonne Parish Grand Jury with Attempted Armed Robbery and Murder of Corey Short.


After a highly contested 3 day trial, defendant Joshua Smith was acquitted under a vigorous defense presented by Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. and Attorney Gregory Sauzer. The co-defendant, Chad Mart, was previously convicted as a principal to the attempted armed robbery and murder of Corey Short and sentenced to life in prison at Angola.


Attorneys Regan and Sauzer successfully argued that when the deceased, Short, in a dying declaration to a 911 police operator identified Joshua Smith as the man who shot him, he was mistaken.   Short died shortly afterward of a gunshot to the abdomen.


In a recorded statement to police, Smith acknowledged that he was a principal to the attempted armed robbery.  However, he maintained in his trial he withdrew from the conspiracy immediately prior to the victim being shot. The defense team demonstrated through objective evidence that it was physically impossible for Short to know which defendant shot him and argued vigorously that Joshua Smith attempted to stop the armed robbery and left the scene prior to Chad Mart shooting the victim.