Wrongly Accused!

Client found Not Guilty, when facing mandatory life in prison.




On April 29th, Attorney Martin E. Regan Jr. of Regan Law P.L.C. secured another major victory Jefferson Parish with the acquittal of his client, Mr. T.N., who was charged with possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine.

Mr. N. was arrested in June 2015, at a West bank seafood store where Jefferson Parish Sherriff’s Deputies were conducting surveillance for drug activity.

At trial, Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Deputies testified that at the time of Mr. N’s arrest he threw a napkin containing crack cocaine and a lighter he removed from his pocket. Deputies also testified that after arresting Mr. N, and recovering the narcotics, he admitted to selling crack in order to raise money he needed for auto repair work.

Mr. Regan, however, used meticulous examination of security camera footage from the seafood store to show jurors there was no factual basis for the deputies’ claim that Mr. N removed or threw anything from his pockets. In addition, Mr. Regan also used video from the security camera to disprove the claim that one of the deputies walked to the location were the narcotics had been discarded to retrieve the napkin containing the crack.

After nearly three hours of deliberation, jurors found Mr. N not guilty. Had Mr. N been charged and convicted as a habitual offender he would have faced a mandatory life sentence.