A New Hurricane Season Begins. It is hard to believe it was almost nine years ago that our city suffered the complete and total devastation that was Hurricane Katrina. But despite the terrible losses of life and the annihilation on our marshlands, New Orleans continues to be the Queen of The South. We are growing and enjoying an unexpected renaissance. So this hurricane season prepare, be mindful of your elderly neighbors. This city is about brotherhood and concern for one another. Please remember to exercise both if city officials call for an evacuation. If your neighbor does not drive or has no family, take care of them. In the event that a mandatory evacuation is called, LEAVE. Do not take any chances. Nothing is as valuable or as important as your life and the life of your family members. Remember to take important papers and your prescriptions. We at the law firm of Regan Law, encourage you to stay safe and protect your family first and foremost. So remember, June 1 opened a new hurricane season! We are now subject to a storm; do not let your guard down. Nola.com had a few interesting articles this weekend concerning New Orleans and storms. Here is a link.. http://www.nola.com/hurricane/ I am attorney Martin E Regan Jr and these are my personal thoughts