Our Philosophy is Excellence

Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr., founded the law Firm of Regan Law for over 38 years by on basic principles and with solid goals that would encourage repeat business.

Our goals were then, and will continue to be now:

  • Excellence in Service
  • Excellence in Results
  • Excellence in Fair Fees
  • Excellence in Customer Services

Tough cases demand excellent representation and a determined team whose only goal is to protect you. The Law Firm of Regan Law has extensive experience in Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Cases.

“I am proud to introduce to you the exceptional Team gathered to represent you in all legal matters. We have extensive trial experience in many State Courts, United States Federal Courts as well as many International Courts. Do not face criminal charges alone, if you or a loved one is hurt or injured, get legal advice. Call us, we are here to help you.” – Martin E. Regan, Jr. Senior Partner.