Payment Policy

The web site of Regan & Sandhu, P.L. C., does not sell any goods, or services. The Payment Methods offered herein, seeks only to provide convenience to our clients by offering an alternative, expedient method of payment. You can still use the U.S. Postal Service, Bank Transfer or visit us at our Office located at 2125St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 70130.

The law Firm of Regan and Sandhu, P.L.C. enters into particularized Contractual and/or Fee Agreements with all clients who seek to be represented by the Firm. Payments made on this web site are to be made in accordance with the specific agreement signed between the Firm and the Client, for the amount specified in said Contract/Agreement between the Firm and the Client. Payments made by the guarantor of the Contract are also accepted.

We offer two Convenient Methods of Payment.

Please review our Payment Center and chose the method you prefer. You may use a Debit or Credit Card Visa/ Master Card or Pay Pal Account.

The Regan & Sandhu, P.L.C. web site does not enter into any Contracts/Agreements with clients whatsoever. All contractual agreements must be handled through the Law Firm. Please call 504.522.5260 or 1 (800) 798-5019 for further information.

This Customer Area has been created for your convenience and it is designed only to accept payments.

The Regan & Sandhu, P.L.C. law firm is proud of the relationship achieved with our clientele and strive daily to improve the services we deliver to you, our client.

Please call our office with any questions you may have regarding the payment you have made at the Regan & Sandhu, P. L. C. web site, we are always happy to help you.