Pope Francis Is The Perfect Man for The Job.

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April 3, 2014
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Pope Francis Is The Perfect Man for The Job



Let’s talk about  Pope Francis for a minute, but let’s do it without involving the element of religion in the conversation.  Talking about religion and/or politics with friends is never a good idea! It can lead to serious fights…


So, let´s take a look at Pope Francis strictly from a human prospective and not divine and from a secular perspective, not a religious one. By all accounts, Pope Francis is a simple, remarkable man who rose through the ranks of the Society of Jesus, to become the head of the Roman Catholic Church.


He seems to be pure and energetic. He seems to be caring and with deep empathy towards to poor. Furthermore, his ministry is directed towards the parts of the body that hurt – the poor, the oppressed and the sick.


The man goes out of his way to pay his own tabs, ride in a regular car, wear regular shoes and prefers to live in modest surroundings. I gotta admit:


  • I like Pope Francis.


He seems unflappable and undisturbed by the trappings, pump and circumstance

of an institution steeped in all that portrays the power of a wealthy and

ancient institution.


  • I like Pope Francis.


He appears to be a man who understands human failings and pain.


  • I like Pope Francis.


Because he gives the impression, at least to me, of a man who sees human

differences, sexual preferences and orientation not as elements of a sinner, but as components of humanity.


I like the Pope for all that I have read about him. He comes across to me as a good man and a good Jesuit.


Pope Francis’ unwillingness  to be separated from his flock by parapets of

power speaks of a good man who cares, a man who values others for their

intrinsic human value and not for what they can do for him or for the Church.

I see him as a good Jesuit who preaches and lives the concepts of Catholic

with a big C and with a little c. That is universal and parochial.



Pope Francis appears to be a man the likes of which the world sees intermittently. Not perfect, but capable of greatness, i.e. Gandhi.


I hope I am not coming across as a man star struck. But as a person impress by the qualities of a fellow human being who is capable of inspiring the masses to do what is right.


I am Attorney Martin E. Regan and these are my personal thoughts…



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