Ravi Shah helps citizen falsely accused of 1st degree murder get ordered freed!!

State v. McClain-11/20/2014

After police took Mr. McClain into custody following a murder that occurred in front of his residence, an arrest warrant was prepared based on the statements  given by two “witnesses.”


During Mr. McCain’s preliminary hearing on November 20th, to determine if evidence existed to keep Mr. McClain incarcerated until trial, Attorney Ravi Shah was able to demonstrate through cross examination that:


1) the first “witness” was  being investigated for robbing a  second person that he had also accused of committing the murder, a friend of McClain. This “witness” clearly  had a motive to falsely accuse Mr. McClain if being involved in the murder.


2) The second “witness” to the murder was over 2 city blocks away from the scene of the crime.

The police determined the crime did not occur the way she claimed and cleared others she had also accused of  committing  the murder.
They failed to inform the judge who signed the warrant of this fact.

Because Mr. McClain’s family hired Regan Law PLC,in a timely manner,  he received first class legal representation.

Associate Ravi Shah successfully conducted this crucial hearing and secured
A Happy Holidays for the McClain family!

McClain who was being held on a $750,000bond was Ordered  released  own his own recognizance!