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February 21, 2014
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The Benefit of Immigration is Clear.


When a company succeeds in the marketplace, it is certainly cause to rejoice, but it does not necessarily rise to a blog from us. On the other hand, the success of an immigrant does.

I read recently about Jan Koum, inventor and developer of WhatsApp. Koum, a Ukrainian immigrant whose childhood experience of Soviet era surveillance inspired the WhatsApp messaging service, came to the U.S. at age 16.  His family struggled and went through the same difficulties other families endure… The App Company he developed recently sold to Facebook for several billion dollars.

I felt tremendous pride. Pride for him of course, but also for America, a country where dreams can be achieved in short order if you are willing to work hard and invest the time and effort needed to succeed. Opportunities here are still plentiful, even though a lot of naysayers think our country is decaying. Nonsense.

 When America welcomes immigrants, the individual gains of course, but so does America. There is no doubt, that when the world´s talent and creative people relocate to our country in search of fertile ground where to grow their inventions and talents our country benefits just as much as they do.  An immigrant brings with him or her, vibrant new ideas and solutions, often born from the struggles back home.

I have often spoken on the benefit of immigration to the United States. I firmly believe that we are better as a country when we welcome individuals hungry for work, for education and for a better standard of living for themselves and for their families.

President Obama is encouraging the nation to support a bill that will legalize the status of illegal immigrants currently in the U.S., I could not agree more…

I am Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. and these are my personal thoughts…


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