13 Questions on the Ebola Case in the US

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October 2, 2014
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American Association for the Advancement of Science Has 13 Questions on the Ebola Case in the US


​AAAS is reporting:​


-At a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Tom Frieden, the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), announced the first case of Ebola from the current epidemic that was diagnosed outside of Africa. The patient arrived in Dallas, Texas, on 20 September to visit relatives. Until today, the handful of people with Ebola in the United States were all diagnosed in Africa, carefully transported, and immediately provided with care in isolation units at hospitals- 

Here, however, are some of the questions

​We would like to have answered:

  • Q: Frieden, it sounds like the patient wasn’t tested for Ebola when he first sought medical care, on 26 September, even though he had just arrived from a country with an Ebola epidemic. Why not? Did the health care provider who saw him know he had arrived from Liberia 6 days earlier?
  • Q:The number of Ebola cases is roughly doubling every 3 weeks; CDC’s own worst case-scenario saysthere may be as many as 1.4 million patients by 20 January. Should the United States and other countries prepare to see imported cases on a regular basis?
  • Q:The World Health Organization has raised the possibility that Ebola could become endemic in West Africa. If that happens, how should the United States deal with people traveling from these countries in the future?
  • Q:One more question, Dr. Frieden. The United States is paying a lot of attention to this single case right now. Do you think that will increase the amount of money and number of people the United States is willing to dedicate to containing the outbreak in West Africa?

​See the entire article:​

One more question, Dr. Frieden: 13 things we’d like CDC to tell us about first US Ebola diagnosis


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