Born in New York City, Stavros Panagoulopoulos grew up immersed in many different cultures. This immersion led Mr. Panagoulopoulos, who is of Greek and Colombian descent, to love finding, among other things, those amazing “hole in the wall” restaurants where not a word of English is spoken.


It was his appreciation for the culinary arts and different cultures that led Mr. Panagoulopoulos to relocate to New Orleans after working at the Civilian Complaint Review Board investigating police misconduct allegations against members of the New York City Police Department. During his tenure at the Civilian Complaint Review Board, Mr. Panagoulopoulos opened up his eyes to the injustices that occur during encounters between police and the public. This field of work inspired Mr. Panagoulopoulos to pursue a career in the field of Law.


 Mr. Panagoulopoulos graduated from Tulane Law School. While attending law school, he continued working to help the public by interning at both the Orleans Parish Public Defenders Office and the New Orleans Independent Police Monitor.


Mr. Panagoulopoulos has had the opportunity to not only defend the freedom of clients but their livelihoods as well. Mr. Panagoulopoulos has handled matters ranging from allegations of domestic violence to drug possession and homicides on behalf of his clients in all Louisiana Courts. He has also defended clients accused of racketeering and gun possession in Federal Court. He has led the defense of professional licenses for clients, including appeals. Mr. Panagoulopoulos prides himself on giving his full attention, devotion, and experience to each case, no matter how great or small, in order to achieve the best result possible.




Notable Results:


Case Charge Result
State v. Sheena Cheneau Battery on a Police Officer Not Guilty
State v. Sandra Bone Attempt Second Degree Murder Not Guilty
State v. Thomas Johnson Forcible Rape Charges Dismissed
U.S.  v. Randolph Martin Felon in Possession of Firearm Probation
Jurisdictions Admitted    
Louisiana, All Courts    
Eastern District of Louisiana