An esteemed attorney for more than 40 years and proud native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Martin E. Regan, Jr. has acquired such a reputation through his work in courts of the United States of America, Her Majesty’s Crown Court of England and the courts of the United Nations.   As defense counsel for human rights, Mr. Regan’s passion for law began in November 1975 during his active duty as Judge Advocate General Captain in the United States Air Force, where he served as Area Defense Counsel for the military forces in the United Kingdom.  He has served as an Administrator Law Judge, a prosecutor and senior defense counsel during his military service.  After his honorable discharge from military service with the United States Air Force in 1980, Mr. Regan embarked upon a successful career winning cases in England, Spain, Germany, Turkey, throughout the United States, including the Supreme Court and home in Louisiana. Due to the success of Mr. Regan’s trialed cases, several federal and state laws have been re-written.  Both home and abroad, Mr. Regan has enjoyed teaching law students in the United Kingdom at the University of Hartford and City College of Chicago. The tireless effort of Mr. Regan has resulted in success which a less determined advocate may have thought hopeless. His belief in justice and the his ability to overcome challenging trials has resulted in verdicts of innocence in many highly publicized trials.  He is a proud alumnus of The University of Southwest Louisiana, where he earned his baccalaureate degree in Political Science in 1973 and graduated from Louisiana State University School of Law.  READ MORE

David L. Arena was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. After graduating from Brother Martin High School with honors, Mr. Arena enrolled at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (USL), in Lafayette, Louisiana. READ MORE
Mr. Panagoulopoulos graduated from Tulane Law School. While attending law school, he continued working to help the public by interning at both the Orleans Parish Public Defender’s Office and the New Orleans Independent Police Monitor. READ MORE
Born and reared in New Orleans, Louisiana. After graduating from De La Salle, Mr. Ward attended the University of Mississippi. There he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geology. READ MORE
In May of 2014, Joseph passed the Florida Bar exam before coming home to New Orleans. Shortly after his return, he also passed the Louisiana Bar exam and was admitted to practice law in February of 2015. Joseph now comes to Regan Law with over three years of extensive experience in Felony jury trials, Misdemeanor trials, and Civil Litigation with the New Orleans District Attorney’s Office. READ MORE
Attorney Barry S. Ranshi is from New Orleans, Louisiana. Mr. Ranshi graduated from The University of New Orleans (B.A.), and Loyola University New Orleans College of Law (J.D.). As a student practitioner at Loyola, he assisted in the representation of several indigent defendants in Orleans Parish, which included writing several successful preliminary motions and helping attain the release of a defendant charged with first degree murder.READ MORE