6 Reasons Why Prison Is Better In Europe than America

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June 13, 2014
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June 18, 2014


6 Reasons Why Prison Is Better In Europe than America



The Vera Institute, a criminal justice think tank, has launched the Vera’s European-American Prison Project. This project is designed to expose American Correctional officials to the manner in which the European countries utilize incarceration and their goals for those incarcerated.

Of course, America has a much larger population than the Netherlands or Germany, and its prison population has ballooned largely because of the War on Drugs. To reduce its prison population, America can’t simply have nicer prisons. The U.S. has to stop criminalizing drug addicts, and it has to take a hard look at why it arrests so many young, black men.

Still, America does need to improve its prisons to be more humane and to ensure more people don’t keep going back to jail. Here’s what America could learn from Europe’s prisons.

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