As of August 1 Nearly 500 New Laws Went into Effect in Louisiana.

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August 5, 2014
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August 8, 2014





As of August 1 Nearly 500 News Laws Went into Effect in Louisiana.


For example:


Teenagers are no longer allowed to use tanning salons.


There are new limits on what your employer can do regarding your social media accounts.


There are several new laws on the books dealing with health care and health care options.


If you punch a referee at your child’s game you will go to jail.


New bail restrictions on domestic violence abuse cases. In fact, certain types of domestic abuse crimes have reduced eligibility for parole or probation and those convicted of domestic abuse battery won’t be able to have a gun for a decade.


Employers and public schools can no longer require access to personal email, social media and other online accounts.


Students will now have to learn about sexual assault prevention.


Teachers are also allowed to receive small gifts from students without violating the ethics code.


See all the new laws that go into effect.


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