Attorney Martin E. Regan Jr. Always, but Always Places His Clients Freedom Front and Center

Arizona Authorities Must Return Medical Marijuana Seized From Authorized Patients
July 28, 2013
Drug War Statistics…..
July 30, 2013

Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. always places his clients freedom front and center.

Martin E. Regan Jr

Martin E. Regan Jr is unstoppable. He fights to represent his clients as one would like to be represented. We like to keep you updated and informed every step of the way. We are happy to share this weeks major court victory. If you ever find yourself in any kind of legal trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us. Martin E. Regan Jr is simply the best attorney in New Orleans and here is why..:


In a recent case in Orleans Parish,  a man faced at least 15 years in prison on several charges, they were:

  • Armed Robbery with a Handgun. This charge alone carries a mandatory  sentence of minimum 15 years in jail to a maximum of 104 years in prison.
  • Simple Robbery.
  • Cultivation of Marijuana.
  • Two counts of illegally Carrying a Weapon with Drugs.
  • Illegally Carrying a Weapon.

All of these are very serious charges. With a lot of determination and hard work, Attorney Martin E Regan Jr. was able to adequately represent this client in court.

 Well, after Martin E. Regan Jr.’s  vigorous advocacy on behalf of his client, the result was Five years Probation instead of Fifteen behind bars. Incredible! Yes, a good and experience attorney matters!


Martin E Regan. Jr and his team always represent the clients to a full extent. We will defend you regardless of how big or small the case. Contact us for a free initial consultation.


About Martin E. Regan, Jr.

Year after year, Martin E. Regan Jr., the firm’s senior partner, has dedicated tireless efforts on behalf of the accused and produce wins for clients that a less determined advocate would have thought hopeless.  Martin E. Regan Jr.’s ability to tackle and win tough criminal cases has resulted in verdicts of acquittal in many highly publicized trials.



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