Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. Ponders the Case of Sergio Garcia

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September 9, 2013
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September 12, 2013

Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. Ponders the Case of Sergio Garcia. I like to follow the progress, or the lack of it, of the immigration agenda. It seems that advancements towards a permanent resolution for the undocumented now living in the United States have come to a grinding stop. This is one issue where politicians do a little dance, one step forward two back….two forward one back. I don’t understand how the same elected officials can support immigration reform one day and oppose it the next.

It would be easy to dismiss the stand still as simply same old Washington partisanship. Maybe that is all that it is, but there are times when common sense should drive the issue; not the other way around. Partisan politics has turned ugly and mean in the Nation’s Capital and folks like the children of immigrants who were brought to this country through no desire of their own are now trapped in a form of limbo.

I am specifically referring to the case of Sergio Garcia who came to the States with his parents at a very young age and is today a law school graduate. Both NPR and CNN have done extensive reporting on this case.

The California Supreme Court is preparing to hear oral arguments on whether or not Sergio Garcia should be allowed to practice law in the United States. Unfortunately, he cannot because he does not have legal status into the U S., even though he has been waiting for a green card for the last nineteen years. His father had a green card and so Sergio Garcia was placed on a waiting list for one of his own.

This case clearly depicts the predicament faced by the children of immigrants who are illegal aliens in the only country they know as home; a country where they have been living and where have received an education.

I have often expressed my support of legalization of the 11 million plus undocumented living in this great country of ours; most reasonable folks agree that repatriation of these individuals is virtually impossible to achieve.

Some might read this blog and decide that I concentrate too much on the issue of immigration, and yes, I do. But I do it because in my estimation it is an issue of vital economic and moral implications. Economic because this country relies heavily on the manpower provided my immigrants and morally because these folks came to our country seeking a better life for themselves and for their children as well as for their relatives. Immigrants provide for their families back home and their remissions feed their family members stuck in terribly poor conditions in very poor economies.

I do not condone breaking the law, or entering illegally for that matter. I do think the Federal Government needs to continue to improve border security. But folks who are here now, who will never return home because this is home, folks like Sergio Garcia, these folks should receive a path to legal status with all the obligations and benefits they carry.

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