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January 15, 2014
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January 17, 2014


What is cyberstalking?

Cyberstalking is a form of harassment or bullying accomplished through the use of emails, social media, instant messaging and other electronic means.

Cyberstalking may be committed in any of these ways:

Using any form of electronic communication, such as email, to threaten to harm someone, or to that person’s property.

Using any form of electronic communication to extort anything from someone else.

Using any form of electronic communication to repeatedly and abusively send threatening, frightening, embarrassing or harassing messages or pictures.

 Using the email, or another form of electronic communication, as vehicle to communicate a falsehood, or to falsely allege criminal conduct, potential future disfigurement or injury of the recipient or a family member is a crime.

Furthermore, knowing or allowing someone else to use your electronic communication device to do any of these is also a crime. 

    When the alleged cyberstalking occurs in more than one jurisdiction, the offense can be charged where the communication was sent or where it was received or first viewed. For example, if you send a harassing email to your ex-girl friend, from New Orleans to Washington, you open yourself up to prosecution in both locations.

Be careful, electronic communication is instant and easily available. Use it wisely, do not open yourself up for criminal prosecution by misusing this, or any, form of communication.  It might appear to be fun at the time you are doing it, it will have long lasting effects if law enforcement learns of your conduct.

    Cyberstalking is a serious crime>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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