Did you know your Facebook account can be used against you in your personal injury lawsuit?

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June 23, 2013
July 11, 2013

If you currently have a injury lawsuit be careful with your posts on Facebook.

Many people who have been in an accident file claims against the person who caused the accident that hurt them.

However, what many people do not understand is that insurance companies and defense attorneys will go to great lengths to keep from paying these claims.

They will use any tool they can to avoid being held responsible.  Insurance companies and defense attorneys will use this information from social media like facebook and the Internet to find  information that conflicts with your claim,

Here are some examples of how attorneys and insurance companies have used the Internet to successfully block personal injury claims:

  • Injured person posted who was ” bedridden or housebound ” posted pictures on Facebook of engaging in physical activities and  attending parties.
  • Victim posted on facebook about a skiing vacation when he had “an injured leg.”
  • Victim’s friend posted photos on facebook of her that destroyed her disability  claim.
  • Victim in  a car accident highlighted their illegal street racing hobby.
  • Anything can be twisted will be twisted to result in a dismissal of the personal injury case.

If you are engaged in litigation regarding a a personal injury lawsuit is to take down your facebook and social media profiles until the case is concluded.

Be careful about what you allow your friends to post about you, as well. 


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