Enjoy Halloween Night …

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Enjoy Halloween Night …





As Halloween approaches, young and old alike, with merriment in mind, will dress in costumes of witches, Dracula and zombies. Please, think of safety first.


As a toast to those pagan traditions of long ago that still live in the recesses of our mind, young children and those still young at heart, enjoy a night traditionally reserved for masking and pretending to be ghoulish.  All well and good. Still, and …


Unfortunately, parents need to remember the dangers that may loom out there.


When selecting a costume, especially for a child, be mindful of safety in the design of the costume as well as of the possible flammable materials used by manufacturers.


Nola.Com had an interesting article today with regard to color contact lenses. Federal agencies have issued warning to consumer concerning dangers that loom in the form of inexpensive color eye lenses that appeal to those trying to imitate a zombie look.


Apparently, unscrupulous manufacturers of colored lenses are using chemicals which could be dangerous to the user as well as unsanitary conditions that could lead to loss of sight. Be careful when using cheap colored lenses as part of your costume.


Finally, the candy. When I was young, times were different. Some houses gave neighborhood kids fruit or homemade treats which we all ate with gusto. That was fine then, and safety back then was not an issue. The biggest concern when I was a child was that our mothers would go through our candy loot and eat the good stuff!


Things have changed…


By the time my children started trick or treating, things like fresh fruits or homemade treats, could no longer be trusted as safe.   It was no longer safe to just let the children enjoy the feast, or let them walk the neighborhood with their friends.  An adult needed to go with the children. Safety became an important consideration and a new, very important, component of Halloween. Therefore, we as parents became vigilant, careful to remove fruits and homemade treats or unwrapped candies.


I encourage all families to get out there on Halloween night and enjoy a tradition that is part of our American way of life today.  Please practice safety, go out with your children and enjoy their company while protecting them from harm.


Enjoy Halloween Night as it will surely be filled with the laughter of children. Remember that these are nothing less than memories for tomorrow…


If interested in reading the article referred to above, you will find it in the link provided below.




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