Cat Traps Family in Bedroom






PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Portland police had to be called in to subdue a 22-pound house cat  trapped  family owners inside their bedroom after attacking their baby.

The baby was not injured in the Sunday incident.

Sgt. Pete Simpson, a Portland Police Bureau spokesman, said officers responded to a 911 call that evening from a couple who had locked themselves in their bedroom with the baby and their dog after the cat attacked the child.

Simpson said the 911 operator could hear the cat screeching in the background as the couple awaited help.

Officers used a dog snare to capture the cat and placed it in a crate.

Simpson said the owners told the dispatcher the cat has a history of violence. He said the cat remained with its owners.



Lux the cat’s troubled relationship with his owners, who called the cops on him in Portland earlier this month, is about to get some help from an expert.

Lux gained national notiority after he scared his family into hiding in a bedroom and calling 911.  The incident quickly touched off an Internet uproar that worried Jackson Galaxy, star of Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell.”

Now the famous cat whisperer has confirmed reports that he will be traveling to Portland to work with Lux and his family.