Federal Jury Awards $4.7 Million in Workplace Bullying Case



Workplace bullying is unacceptable and potentially expensive​.

At least 15 states are currentlyconsidering laws that would protect workers against bullying. 
The following five steps can help employers prevent bullying in the workplace:

  • Create a policy that clearly defines verbal, physical and online bullying, lists the company’s anti-bullying rules and identifies the penalties for breaking the rules;
  • Make sure all employees are aware of and understand the policy;
  • Apply the policy consistently for all employees and in all situations;
  • Encourage employees to report all incidents to their supervisors or to human resources; and
  • Screen potential new employees for past workplace bullying or harassing behaviors.


​Recently a federal jury awarded an employee of a Brooklyn, New York clothing store $4.7 million for his being repeatedly bullied by a co-worker and ultimately physically attacked. The award was for assault, emotional distress, negligence in the employer’s hiring of the bully and punitive damages.
Have you been bullied at work?
Contact a lawyer, you may have a right to protection from the bully through the courts.  Don’t take bulling laying down!