Mr. Brown’s verdict is Not guilty!

Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. secured a resounding victory for his client with the first acquittal of 2012 at Orleans Parish Criminal Court in New Orleans, Louisiana in the case of State v Wendell Brown.

Mr. Brown had been languishing in jail for two years awaiting the opportunity to rejoin his family. Mr. Brown had been accused of two counts of arm robbery with a sawed off shot gun at a bar located at the corner of Hickory St. and Leonidas St. in New Orleans.

The verdict of not guilty was returned quickly and decisively in less than 19 minutes by a jury that was not convinced by the state’s arguments against Mr. Brown. Mr. Regan, a seasoned criminal trial attorney with over 36 years of experience, was able to break down the state’s case when he cross examined the witnesses against Mr. Brown and clearly exposed the case for what it was.

The District Attorney’s office had charged the wrong man and imprisoned him for two long years in an Orleans Parish jail for a crime he had not committed.


Not guilty may refer to: Pleading not guilty means a person charged with one or more criminal offencess denies committing them. Acquittal, the legal result of a verdict of not guilty.


About Martin E. Regan, Jr.

Year after year, Martin E. Regan Jr., the firm’s senior partner, has dedicated tireless efforts on behalf of the accused and produce wins for clients that a less determined advocate would have thought hopeless.  Martin E. Regan Jr.’s ability to tackle and win tough criminal cases has resulted in verdicts of acquittal in many highly publicized trials.