Global Shipping Giant FedEx indicted for drug dealing

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July 25, 2014
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July 30, 2014

Global Shipping Giant FedEx indicted for drug dealing


When Will it Ever End?

This weeks drug prohibition nightmare, is the indictment of global shipping giant, FedEx.

FexEx has recently been indicted for distributing illegal drugs knowingly. Drugs from internet pharmacies that the DEA claims were illegal and FedEx purportedly knew were “shady operators.” According to prosecutors, the company knew the shipping services it provided to two Internet pharmacies ran afoul of the law.

FedEx was repeatedly warned it over a decade that it was distributing illegal drugs and “given the chance” to mend it’s ways. It didn’t FedEx earned $800 million t helping dealers the government claims.

We represent the common ordinary people, often caught with just a few dollars worth of drugs. It would be wonderful if law enforcement would give our clients repeated warnings over the course of a decade: If you don’t stop……

Of course, corporations, it seems to have more rights than people nowadays. We will be watching.
I predict FedEx is allowed to buy it’s way out and not a single person goes to prison. It’s the American way.

“FedEx knew that it was delivering drugs to dealers and addicts,” said a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Northern District of California.

The company didn’t deny the charges — it said that monitoring packages for illegal substances isn’t its job.“We are a transportation company — we are not law enforcement,” said Patrick Fitzgerald, senior vice president for marketing and communications, in a written statement.

The indictment says employees complained when “trucks had been stopped on the road by Internet pharmacy customers demanding packages of pills; delivery addresses included parking lots, schools, and vacant homes where people would wait for deliveries of drugs; customers would jump on FEDEX trucks and demand Internet pharmacy packages.”

The company’s solution? Its senior vice president of security “approved a procedure whereby Internet pharmacy packages from problematic shippers were held for pick up at specific stations,” according to the indictment.
Problem solved.
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