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September 27, 2013
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Grand standing in Washington Today……



Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, you are bound to be disconcerted as I am by the grand standing going on in Washington.  I realize that in by writing this Blog I am crossing into a mine field.  What is it that they say….never discuss religion or politics because it is bound to cause friction? Well I am going there today because it is important.

I am very results oriented as a person and in my profession. I always seek the best outcome possible for any situation and I seek to find it with the least amount of wasted time and energy as possible.  Therefore, I am disturbed when I see Senator Cruz grand standing for 21 hours or so, reading children´s books and pastry recipes at a time when our country is facing a crisis.

We live in a great country. We have a two party system that allows for an exchange of ideas that ultimately will move the country forwards towards a strong future for our children and their children.  You would think that this two great parties that ought to be projecting to the world strength and wisdom, instead project weakness and feebleness.  In my estimation, to project even the possibility of a government shutdown in this great country is reprehensible.  Who know, it will probably be averted at the last minute with great fanfare and beating of the chest Tarzan style.  Too late, damage has already occurred.

I suggest that we get a move on.  It appears that The Affordable Care Act has become a lightning rod for the Republican Party. This great nation is about much more than a single law.  In all sincerity I think that the Affordable Care Act is good and necessary, not a single member of our great nation should want for medical care.  I wholeheartedly applaud the goals of the program. There is a question that hangs over this question: Why, why is it that some politicians think that we need not care for the poor or the downtrodden?  Have we not learned that we have a responsibility towards one another?

As a criminal defense attorney, I am about taking care of others.  I am continuously interested in helping someone who, at a particular moment in his or her life, is facing a difficult situation; it is what I do every day.  Consequently, I am always inclined to go the extra mile to help another human being.  It might very well be that our politicians are far more interested in grand standing that in helping citizens and that they have lost sight of the principles that make this country solid.  Still, I remain an optimist and hope that politicians will put the rhetoric aside and get busy with the big problems at hand. It is time to project to the world Might and not Fright!

I am Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. and these are my personal thoughts……

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