House Bill 332 Clears Louisiana House Criminal Justice Committee

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March 26, 2014
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March 27, 2014

House Bill 332 Clears Louisiana House Criminal Justice Committee

House Bill 332 advances to the full house without objection from Criminal Justice Committee members. House Bill 332 would make heroin possession a crime calling for a mandatory two-year jail sentence. Further, the minimum sentence for distribution doubles from five years to ten years. On Wednesday Louisiana State Legislators agreed that users of heroine should go to jail.

Advancement of House Bill 332 is only a first step in a long legislative process.

According to an article in The Baton Rouge Advocate, Louisiana Sheriffs Association Executive Director Michael Renatza said.  “If you do heroin, you’re going to do time … This drug has no boundaries of race. This drug has no boundaries of economic strata.”

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