How To Have a ‘WINNING DAY”

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December 8, 2014
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December 11, 2014

How To Have a ‘WINNING DAY”


Rob Gilbert writes:

“If you want to have a winning day there are 21 things that you have to do.”

Here are Mr. Gilbert’s suggestions:

1. You have to listen more than you talk.
2. You have to give more than you get.
3. You have to smile more than you frown.
4. You have to think “we” more than you think me.
5. You have to agree more than you disagree.
6. You have to compliment more than you criticize.
7. You have to laugh more than you cry.
8. You have to clean up more than you mess up.
9. You have to be positive more than you are negative.
10. You have to be fascinated more than frustrated.
11. You have to “walk the walk” more than you “talk the talk”.
12. You have to be accepting more than rejecting.
13. You have to see the cup “half full” more than you see it “ half empty.”
14. You Have to Help more than you hinder.
15. You have to believe in yourself more than you doubt yourself.
16. You have to work more than you whine.
17. You have to act more than you react.
18. You have to save more than you squander.
20. You have to carte more than you ver have.
21. You have to love more than you ever have.

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