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July 7, 2014
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LOVE… had a great little article the other day about the LOVE signs appearing all over New Orleans.  It appears that CBS Evening News reporter Steve Hartman has, like the rest of us, found the smile provoking sign captivating. Those of us who live and LOVE in New Orleans do not find the signs unusual at all.

CBS ran a piece at the end of their broadcast the other day with a piece titled: “Mystery signs have one Big Easy agenda: Love.” CBS scored shadowy anonymous interviews with the two young men behind the renegade art project. The object of posting 350 signs across New Orleans, the interview reveals, is a social experiment based on the power of suggestion. The sign makers were labeled Cupids by Mr. Hartman which is in and of itself endearing. CBS quotes one of the sign makers as having said: “I believe the power of language and words can transform. And the more you think it, the more you speak it, the more real it becomes. And that’s what I believe.”

According to the CBS story:

“The two men are both unemployed. They got the money for the signs when one of them fell into a small inheritance and decided to share the love. And whether or not it works on the city as a whole, they say it’s already worked on at least two people.”

The pair of outlaw sign-posters also have plans to plot a map based on the placement of the LOVE signs in order to track a possible drop in crime statistics thereafter — or something like that.

As Hartman puts it, that may be “a naive hypothesis, yes, but still really sweet.”

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Watch the CBS video:

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