Have you or a loved one been hurt or killed by a highway safety rail ?

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Have you or a loved one been  hurt or killed by a highway safety rail ?

There are 1000’s of  miles of ” highway safety rail ” built by Texas-based manufacturer, Trinity Industries, a large supplier of guard rails nationwide.

Recently a number of states have begun to question the integrity of the rails and the process that led to their approval.  A law suit filed under the Federal False Claims Act is starting in Dallas today.

The suit was brought pursuant to the FCA because the National Highway Safety Administration, approved the design and the federal government provides the funding for states to purchase and install the safety barriers.

At the heart of the issue is a change to the guard rail that Trinity made in 2005.

Trinity’s new design reduced the width of the steel channel behind the rail head, from five inches to four. When this rail is hit by a car instead of sliding along the rail and curing out-of-the-way of the oncoming vehicle, the rail head can become a bayonet that can pierce the vehicle and any person in its way.

If you or a loved one has been hurt or killed by a high way rail please contact us here at Regan Law PLC. We are  here for your family.

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