What Makes a Great Defender?

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September 24, 2014
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September 25, 2014

What Makes a Great Defender?


So what makes a great defender?  I believe that it is honor to represent my clients.
In fact, as many can attest, I really like my clients and  I believe that the people who decide our clients’ fate, prosecutors, judges and jurors, should be confronted with the reality of the impact of their decisions have upon both the individuals and families on both sides of a case.

I am humbled by privilege that it is to stand with a person in their darkest and toughest hours.
I fight for every client like it is my first client and they get 101 % of the fight in me. I never give up.
I have been called a lot of things: knowledgeable, determined, relentless, aggravating and persistent are a few examples. I am all of those things.

When I am representing a client I use the word “we”, because we are in this together.  I work to  get to know my clients, their stories, and their background because it allows me to tell their story from their perspective.

I remind myself of how frightening criminal prosecution and the potential for imprisonment  is for my clients and their families constantly.  I helps me to try even harder.

From my perspective, it is very simple: a great defender has heart.

Heart, is the thing that makes the difference between a great criminal defense attorney and a good criminal defense attorney.

There are many ways to do the job satisfactorily but there is only one way to do this job while  striving for greatness. 

One has to wear their your heart and soul on their sleeve.

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