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March 13, 2014
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March 15, 2014

Tomorrow March 15 is Election Day in New Orleans.



New Orleans is an exciting place to live. It used to be that our city was described by many as a place with great food, amazing music and unusual fun. Those factors were enough to make living here wonderful. The problems were just things with which we coped in order to reap the benefits of life in a unique American City.


But now life in New Orleans is changing.  Life here now is a lot more than food, music and fun…..although those aspects of life in New Orleans still remain.  Now we are a lot more. We have a vibrant city with jobs and the prospect of more.


Our neighborhoods are rising like Phoenixes from the mud left behind by Katrina as well as a previously depressed economy. It is all so inspiring!


It is actually striking to see houses now undergoing complete remodeling and renovation while preserving our unique architecture intact. Streets are under construction everywhere.


I often encourage our readers to drive down Tulane Avenue; if you do you will see the changes that are going on. The old Tulane Avenue corridor was a true symbol of a depressed New Orleans. But that is gone. Tulane Avenue is now abuzz with construction and possibilities.


March 15 is Election Day in New Orleans. Let´s keep the forward movement we have established by electing the best leadership we can. On the ballot you will find:



  •   Sheriff for Orleans Parish
  •  Coroner for Orleans Parish
  •  Council At-Large Division 2
  •   Council District C
  •  Audubon Millage Renewal
  •  Parish-wide Proposition: (Disabled Veterans Homestead Exemption)

We urge you to look forward towards the future of New Orleans with inspiration

and resolution. Please make an informed choice when you vote, but do not fail to do so.


Exercise your right as a citizen of our city – let your choices count, make a difference. Be motivated by the changes all around us, together we can make sure that our best years are yet to come.


Vote tomorrow, Saturday March 15.  Vote your conscious and choose who think will do the best job.  Vote. It’s important. Remember, elections matter.


I am Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. and these are my personal thoughts…




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