Marijuana.Things Change Don’t They?

August 30, 2013
House Bill 371 (HB371) brings historic change to the way criminal trials are handled in Louisiana.
September 5, 2013

Things Change Don’t They?

I am from the “your brain on drugs” generation. Remember the ads? An egg splattered frying on the sidewalk representing the effect of marijuana on your brain.



The State of Louisiana had the first law recognizing the medicinal uses of marijuana. In 1978, the Louisiana Legislature passed H.B. 1187, which allowed physicians to prescribe medical marijuana for patients with glaucoma and some cancers. The bill was later amended in 1991 to include victims of some paralysis. That law required the Federal Government honor it’s word and provide marijuana through licensed pharmacies. This of course did not happen.


Unfortunately, the 1980 election of President Regan brought only slogans and the Drug War was ratcheted up to a level of intensity that had never been seen before.  America became the world’s leader in incarceration.

Jump forward thirty years and untold millions of marijuana arrests, prosecutions and imprisonments later.

Two states in the Union, Colorado and Washington, have legalized marijuana for personal, recreational use and 20 states; as well as,  the District of Columbia have legalized its use for medicinal purposes.

Last week the Department of Justice announced that the new marijuana laws in

Colorado and Washington will not be challenged.

Recently CNN did a series with Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the subject of marijuana.

The program goes to great lengths to explain how and why Dr Gupta’s view regarding the medicinal use of marijuana has changed 180 degrees. He actually went so far as to say that he has never seen a recorded death from a marijuana overdose.

I guess he would know, after all we can’t forget that he is a neurosurgeon, so he would know about the egg on the sidewalk thing…..right?

The country of Uruguay recently legalized the use of marijuana by its citizens.  I think it is the first county in the world to do so.

There is no doubt in my mind that the pendulum swings from one hard and fast position to another. What do they say? If you live long enough you will see it all!

I am not a prude by any means, but I reserve my right to be skeptical on this one for now. Will see how state and federal laws are changed to accommodate the new perspective on marijuana and let’s see what the Department of Justice actually does.

If science determines that our previous views on marijuana were wrong then lets proceed with caution and make careful and uniform changes.

We don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past. I think young people will be the ones most impacted by these changes and we want to get it right!

I caution you, the use of marijuana is vigorously prosecuted by the State of Louisiana and in most jurisdictions as well as by the Federal Government. This blog only analyzes some changes that are taking place and it is not legal advice by any stretch.  If you have a legal issue consults an attorney.  We are experienced in this matter and always available to help you.




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