Medicaid Fraud and Medicare Fraud

medicaid fraud


There are many forms of Medicare and Medicaid Fraud. They range from an individual physician who submits a claim for service that were never actually performed, to a large institution that inflates the level or type of care provided to their patients and then alters the patient records to hide the service that was never provided. The Department of Justice vigorously prosecutes Medicaid and/or Medicare cases.

Of course, physicians and hospitals are not the only targets of investigations or prosecution for Medicaid/Medicare fraud. Individuals as well as nursing homes, home health care agencies, providers of medical transportation, pharmacies, medical equipment companies and clinics are also subject to the scrutiny of the Federal Prosecutor.

Areas of Medicaid/Medicare Fraud that can be investigated

The following are areas that can come under investigation for Medicare/Medicaid fraud:

  • Billing for services not provided.
  • Double billing.
  • Billing for Phantom visits.
  • Billing for More Hours Than There Are In A Day.
  • Falsifying Credentials.
  • Substitution of Generic Drugs.
  • Billing for Unnecessary Services or Tests.
  • Billing for More Expensive Procedures than were performed.
  • Kickbacks.
  • False Cost Reports.

What to do if you received a target letter?

If you or a loved one has received a target letter which indicates that you are the subject of an investigation for Medicaid or Medicare Fraud do not think for a second that this is a problem will go away on its own. It will not. You or your loved one will need an experienced lawyer that can provide a vigorous defense.

In cases where there is more than one individual or entity which is the subject of an investigation or accusation then there might be an additional charge of conspiracy to defraud. Each defendant is entitled to his or her individual attorney, one that will concentrate only on the defense of the person they represent.

Get an experienced lawyer

Certainly experience matters always, all legal entanglements have serious consequences. But when the case is to be handled in Federal Court then an experienced attorney with years of experience and deep knowledge of the Federal system is not just desired but necessary.

Attorney Martin E. Regan Jr. is practiced in this area, he has provided this type of defense previously with excellent results.

For information on Mr. Regan’s recent case regarding this legal matter read the following article:

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Mr. Regan has protected the rights of the accused in State and Federal Courts throughout the United States for over 36 years.

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More information on Medicare Fraud

For further reading on Medicare fraud visit the Medicare website:

Medicare Fraud & Abuse

Remember, the information we are providing here is not intended as legal advice; each case is different. Instead, we seek to provide you with a general idea of what happens in the often complicated legal process.


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