Mexican Drug Cartels Using Drones to Deliver Drugs Across the Border.


The DEA says Mexican drug cartels are using drones to transport drugs and have been doing so since at least 2011. The agency reported that at least 150 drone flights carrying drugs crossed the border in 2012, and that the cartels have recently intensified efforts to recruit skilled workers to design, manufacture and operate them.

Human mules are normally used to transport  cocaine and other drugs, but now Drones have been called the ideal ‘drug mules’ for the speed and efficiency with which they can transport drugs. The machines have allowed cartels to transport shipments more quickly, with less risk of being caught.

When will it ever end? Drugs brought in by the ton and our citizens arrested one at a time?  As long as there are poor men and riches to be made, the Drug War will never be won.

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