Perverse U.S. Drug Policies Promote Drug Addiction and Deaths

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October 6, 2014
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October 6, 2014

Perverse U.S. Drug Policies Promote Drug Addiction and Deaths



, Professor Emeritus, Duke University, wrote in the Huff Post politics yesterday that:
” We are fighting the wrong war on drugs.

The last 40 years prove conclusively that interdiction can’t possibly win the war against the cartels. Illegal drugs are more available, stronger, and cheaper than ever. We have encouraged lawlessness and civil strife in every drug-producing nation. And we have cruelly and uselessly filled our prisons with people who might otherwise have had productive lives. The key to containing the cartels is to reduce demand for their products by legalization and by providing easy access to treatment and rehabilitation. The big losers if pot is legalized will be the drug cartels and the drug companies.

Big Pharma controls Washington now the way Big Tobacco did 25 years ago. Despite its lobbying billions, Big Tobacco lost its power when its behavior could no longer pass the political smell test. Isn’t it past time that Pharma got the same treatment?”

How can politicians face their consciences and constituents sitting back while drug companies cause more deaths than drug cartels?

At Regan Law, PLC, we know that we are seeing the chickens come home to roost.  Just like big tobacco, big drug, has co-opted our governments at both the local and national levels.  How many more citizens have to die, before we, the people say enough is enough?

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