President Clinton Was Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

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November 20, 2013
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November 22, 2013

Today President Clinton Was Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.



President Obama recognized President Bill Clinton´s lifetime achievements. I am a big fan of President Clinton. In my estimation, his presidency was one of accomplishments and success.  Some would waste no time in reminding me, that his term in office was also marred by personal humiliations. Yes, that is true, but what is also true is that a flawed man at a personal level was also capable of bringing a stable, productive and prosperous time for our country.

But what is more remarkable, is what Bill Clinton has gone on to accomplish in the years since he left the Oval Office.

Regardless of whether or not you admire him or whether you even like his politics or not, his work on behalf of the less fortunate should elicit admiration. Clinton left office still a young man…he could have chosen a more passive retirement.  Instead, he chose to impact our world and to create a legacy that goes far beyond that of President of the United States, Mr. Clinton is now true citizen of the world.

The Clinton Foundation has worked tirelessly to improve global wellness and health for millions in poor countries.  The Foundation strives to open doors of opportunity to women and girls.

Bill Clinton offered his worldwide name recognition and remarkable energy on behalf of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami victims by teaming up with George  H.W. Bush.  The two men led a worldwide fundraising and relief effort that earned both men much acclaim.


I congratulate Mr. Clinton.  The honor he has received today is well earned and well deserved.  He still has much ground to cover and much work to do. Bill Clinton, without a doubt, will continue to do what he does so well, that is to bring attention to the hunger, suffering and medical needs that still afflict parts of many in the word today.

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