Reduced Sentences for Federal Drug Offenders
July 30, 2014
Report: ‘Irreversible harm’ when FBI didn’t reveal flawed lab work in death-row cases
July 30, 2014

Press Release


 July 29th 2014, our firm filed the writ to the Fourth Circuit in Mr. Le’s case. 

A writ is an appeal to a higher court, seeking relief from a contested ruling made by a trial court. 

Our request that Mr. Le’s Preliminary hearing be held sooner than August 28th and the request that subpoenas issue to collect the video surveillance were both denied by the Magistrate of the Criminal District Court.

Our firm is taking the demand that he be given an earlier date for his Preliminary Hearing to a higher court, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

It is our well founded opinion that a full and fair hearing will establish that our client acted in self defense and that he was not properly accused of either First Degree Murder or 9 counts of attempted First Degree Murder.

Our firm is also pursuing the request that the judge issue subpoenas to collect the video evidence, that he previously ordered preserved.

Mr. Le deserves his day in court and we will do everything in our ability to get it for him.

Justice delayed is justice denied. 

Martin E. Regan, Jr.


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