Radiology Tech Falsified Mammogram Results.

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April 22, 2014
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This Too Can Happen To You Series:

From time to time, we try to bring our readers stories we find that may impact their lives, but also stories that depict difficult circumstances and situations in which people find themselves.


So in this series we call “This Two Can Happen To You,” we try to encourage individuals that may have otherwise led exemplary lives and today find themselves caught in a criminal wrong doing to seek legal, expert advice right away.  As we often say, these issues do not go away.



Radiology Tech Falsified Mammogram Results.



Recently, a former radiology technician in Georgia received a jail sentence for faking the results in mammogram tests of more than 1,200 women. The technician will spend more than six months in jail for entering the test results as negative without actually checking the tests. Unfortunately, 10 of those women did have cancer, two have died since.  To compound the problem, doctors never reviewed the test performed by the technician.


This of course is a tragic story for the victims.


But, if you or a loved is involved in medical wrongdoing, you will need expert legal counsel right away. Do not wait to hire an attorney in the hope that the incident will go away on its own because it will not.


The Legal Team at Regan Law. can provide you with skillful representation as you navigate the often complicated legal process. Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. has more than 38 years of legal practice and has spent his legal carrier protecting the rights and freedom of his clients.  Call us; we are here to help you.


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