If You Think You Are Anonymous Online, Think Again…

Pharmacy refuses to provide drug for an inmate’s execution
February 26, 2014
Exonerations in the United States.
March 2, 2014

If You Think You Are Anonymous Online, Think Again…



We are passing this information on to you because it is important for you to know that the internet, as convenient a tool as it is, it is not without its pitfalls.  As with all new technologies, it is up to the user to make an intelligent application of the conveniences it affords the user.


Please read and apply as necessary:


Investigative reporter Julia Angwin was curious what Google knew about her, so she asked the company for her online search data. “It turns out I had been doing about 26,000 Google searches online a month … and I was amazed at how revealing they were,” she tellsFresh Air‘s Dave Davies.

From NSA sweeps to commercial services scraping our Web browsing habits, to all kinds of people tracking us through our smartphones, Angwin says we’ve become a society where indiscriminate data-gathering has become the norm. Angwin has covered online privacy issues for years, and in her new book she describes what she did to try to escape the clutches of data scrapers online, even to the point of creating a fake identity online.


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