Most Important News Stories of  2013…


Anyone of us could write what we personally consider the most important news stories of the year depending on the topic we choose.  This year we had politics and espionage galore.

Of course, the 24 hour news cycle we live under gave us a constant bombardment of bad news. From the government shut down to Edward Snowden we had it all. We saw stories on Turkish street riots and Syria´s use of chemical weapons. This year the Affordable Care Act got off to a rocky start and Senator Cruz caused such consternation and bewilderment that some were calling him “Carnival Cruz.”

 TV News programs were there to inform and inform and inform…..


Our own Lindy Boggs died in 2013.  She was a graceful and talented woman who never forgot her Louisiana roots. Goodbye to great representative of all that is good about Louisiana. Goodbye also to that immortal figure that is Nelson Mandela whose work will live forever. The great actor Peter O´Toole died also, the lesser actor Anthony Weiner´s political career died as well, or so we hope. Of course.

Mind you, I am a news aficionado so I am one of those that can´t get enough news.  Although I am the first to admit that when we only had a 30 minute news program in the afternoon we did fine. Walter Cronkite and Huntley and Brinkley did a good job covering the important stuff for all us and were there when we needed full coverage.  Of course, way back when we also had great newspapers and magazines that provided the reader with the full story of any given topic of local or international interest. I am not going back to movie reels at the picture show, don’t worry…

My suggestion is this, as this year comes to a close, sit back with your favorite beverage, and watch one of those December 31st year in review programs and consider yourself lucky to have survived 2013!!

Have a Happy New Year, may 2014 bring the peace citizens of the world deserve in all far away countries as well as our own. May Congress and the White House find Peace and Harmony and work together to enhance quality of life with less of a circus atmosphere.

As for our law firm, may we continue to serve our clients to the best ability and may those who are injured and hurting find relief and respite.

I am Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. and these are my personal thoughts….