Woman released after serving 32 years for a murder she did not commit

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March 25, 2014
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Woman released after serving 32 years

Defending the accused has been a central part of my day since the moment I began work as an attorney. It has always been important to see my client´s rights respected and protected.  I value their freedom and I value their families.  I want my clients to be home with them, I went them to be an active component of their children´s life and of their future. I do as much as I can for my clients and have always been proud of my relationship with those who hire me to navigate the complexities of the legal system.

Recently, a 74-year-old woman, Mary Virginia Jones, was released after serving 32 years for a murder she did not commit.  In California, USC law students were able to convince the district attorney to reopen the woman´s case. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge agreed to exchange Mary Virginia Jones’ first-degree murder conviction without possibility of parole for a no contest plea to voluntary manslaughter with a time-served sentence.

The 74 year old always maintained her innocence and had systematically stated that it had been her boyfriend who forced her to participate in the 1981 murder. That she has been released after serving 32 years must be a tremendous relief to her and to her loved ones.  I salute all who played a role in achieving her freedom.

It takes dedication and determination to win and it takes a good team effort to work on an issue such as this one effectively; especially after a conviction has taken place. Appellate work can sometimes take long years and it always takes experience to win on behalf of a client.

We are very proud of the Appellate and Post Conviction Relief work that we do at Regan Law

If you or a loved has been convicted of a crime that he or she did not commit call us. We are here to help. Our experience and our skill have proven instrumental in achieving success in this arena. Feel free to make an appointment with us to discuss the case.

Appellate work is a very precise specialty. As with Ms. Jones it takes skill, ability and knowledge to win, but such a win also requires the perseverance and persistence necessary to convince appellate judged and prosecutors of the merits of a case.

With the advances and changes in forensic science, a growing number of convictions are overturned daily in the United States. According to the National Registry of Exoneration, there were a record 87 in 2013. Of the 1,337 exoneration’s tracked by the registry since 1989, nearly half — 619 — were wrongful homicide convictions.

The story is worth reading.

I am Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. and these are my personal thoughts…

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