Outgoing Arkansas Governor to Pardon Own Son for Marijuana Sales Felony Conviction



It’s Nice to Know People in High Places

Reuters is reporting:

Outgoing Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe said on Wednesday that he will pardon his son for a felony drug conviction, local media reported.

“Kids, when they’re young, do stupid stuff. He was no different,”  “If they’ve straightened up, to get their life back on track and have a second chance, so this is no different. It’s different because it’s my son.”

Beebe, who is set to leave office in January due to term limits, said he would pardon his son Kyle, now 34, for his 2003 felony conviction of marijuana possession with intent to deliver, local broadcaster KATV said.

Governor Beebe said he has pardoned over 700 people, largely for non-violent offenses, KATV said.