Black Woman Who Was Sentenced to 20 years in Florida Prison – Stands to be Free in 2 Months

We all remember the story of Ms. Alexander. She  fired one shot in the direction of her then-estranged husband, Rico Gray Sr., and his two children in 2010, during an altercation in which her life was threatened.

We also remember that the judge denied her the benefit of the “stand your ground” law’s protections.  All this was going on while the George Zimmerman trial was proceeding.

Her conviction on three charges of aggravated assault and 20 year prison sentence — were overturned last year due to the failure of the judge to allow her the “stand your ground” jury instructions on self-defense.

Rather than face re-trial, she did what a lot of citizens are forced to do-took a plea!

Under the terms of Monday’s plea agreement, Alexander was credited for 1,030 days  served behind bars after her first conviction and while awaiting the retrial. After spending 65 more days in the county jail she will be released to two years of house arrest. She must wear an electronic ankle bracket but will be allowed to go to work, job interviews, church, family medical/dental appointments and visit her children’s school. All other requests must be approved by the judge.

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