Attorney Martin E. Regan Experience Counts

Lil Boosie Found Not Guilty of Murder for Hire Plot
September 17, 2013
Are Spices, Bath Salts and Herbal Incense Dangerous Substances?
September 19, 2013




Experience Counts. September 17, 2013. – In the complicated and serious world of criminal defense, victories sometimes come in the forms of a reduced sentence, or in the form of a good deal for a client. The points that complicate the defense of a client may involve confessions made by a defendant to the police, or strong evidence that impugns the defendant, etc. What the attorney does with these issues may very well determine the future of the client. A good attorney needs to know what to do with these situations. Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. has accomplished three significant and solid Not Guilty verdicts on behalf of his clients which have been chronicled in this web site. Monday of this week also saw a different form of victory. Experience counts, and the ability of a lawyer to procure a good deal on behalf of his client comes from many years of experience and the ability of the attorney to speak on behalf of his client. Read the stories….

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