Lil Boosie Found Not Guilty of Murder for Hire Plot

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September 17, 2013
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September 17, 2013




Recording Mega Star “Lil Boosie” Found Not Guilty of Murder for Hire Plot!

A significant victory for Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. On Friday May 11, 2012, a jury comprised of twelve anonymous citizens acquitted Baton Rouge rap artist Torence “Lil Boosie” Hatch in what the prosecutors had labeled as a murder-for-hire crime. The jury deliberated for just one hour before deciding that Lil Boosie, age 29, was not guilty of the alleged crime. Friends and supporters celebrated the acquittal outside the courthouse where cheers rang in support of the redeemed artist. Hatch was accused of paying Michael “Marlo Mike’’ Louding to kill Terry Boyd, who was fatally shot inside a Vermillion Drive home at about 12:40 a.m. on Oct. 21, 2009. Louding, now 19, told police in a videotaped statement that Hatch paid him $2,800 to kill Boyd, 35.


But in testimony Monday, Louding said he and Hatch had nothing to do with the crime. Louding still faces five counts of first-degree murder — one in Boyd’s killing — and one count of second-degree murder in a string of homicides over a 14-month period in 2009 and 2010. In her closing arguments Friday to the jury, Assistant District Attorney Dana Cummings called the killing of Boyd an “amazingly gutless crime” and alleged Hatch paid his “henchman” — Louding — to kill Boyd because Hatch allegedly learned in a letter from an inmate named Lee Lucas that Boyd planned to do Hatch harm. The accusatory letter was never produced and Lee Lucas never testified. In the end the District Attorney’s Office failed to prove the case.


When the verdict of not guilty to the first-degree murder charge was read in state District Judge Mike Erwin’s packed courtroom, Hatch bowed his head and cried. At least 15 East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff’s deputies were inside the courtroom when the decision by the jury was announced. Dozens of supporters waited, eerily quiet, until a television reporter exited the building to relay the verdict: not guilty. Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. exclaimed that the jury had done exactly what they were supposed to do “They (the jury) carefully listened to what the evidence had to say and did what they should do,” “Because there was no proof that Mr. Hatch participated in a Murder for Hire plot” attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. added. “You can get justice in East Baton Rouge Parish.” “Torence is innocent!” said Attorney Jason Williams, one of Hatch’s attorneys, as supporters surrounded him, hugged him and took pictures with him across the street from the courthouse. “The truth came out. The truth was the overwhelming factor.” The crowd exuberantly erupted into screams of joy. Friends and fans of Hatch played his music from their smartphones while others danced in the streets. The two week trial concluded with a verdict that demonstrated that the evidence and the conclusions reached by the East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s Office amounted to nothing.

“I think he has a long life and an amazing career ahead of him now,” said Attorney Regan.









Lil Bossie Follow-Up:

Our readers who are interested in Lil Boosie’s future and have followed his case with interest, will be happy to learn that the future of the Baton Rouge rapper is bright and that he may be out of jail this next November.

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