Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. Ponders the Case of Sergio Garcia

Attorney Martin E. Regan, Jr. Ponders the Case of Sergio Garcia. I like to follow the progress, or the lack of it, of the immigration agenda. It seems that advancements towards a permanent resolution for the undocumented now living in the United States have come to a grinding stop. This is one issue where politicians […]

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Firing a Woman Because She is Lactating or Expressing Milk Constitutes Unlawful Gender Discrimination.

Last year the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission listed accommodating pregnancy-related limitations as an emerging issue and a national priority on which it intended to focus.
In EEOC v. Houston Funding II Ltd., the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals held that firing a woman because she is lactating or expressing milk constitutes unlawful gender discrimination […]

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Mandatory Minimums

Juries Must Find Facts on Mandatory Minimum Sentences, Supreme Court Rules
The US Supreme Court Monday dealt a blow to mandatory minimum sentencing, ruling that any facts used to trigger a mandatory minimum sentence are “elements” of the crime and must be proven by a jury, not left to a judge. The 5-4 ruling came in […]

Client Released from Federal Immigration Detention after Guilty Plea Withdrawn

The firm of Martin E. Regan and Associates successfully argued to withdraw the guilty plea of a legal permanent resident facing deportation after pleading guilty to state criminal charges.